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My Generation: Democrats or Socialists?

Posted by jemartynowski on May 19, 2008

Did I miss something?  Was I not in school the day they taught this?  Or has it always been this way?  Have younger generations always felt so much hatred toward individualism?

My confusion is about what’s going on with my generation when we argue politics.  I am 25 years old, and my peers never cease to amaze me.  Despite the war and Christian right (arguments with legitimate points on both sides) being a large part of the debate previously, the new topic of discussion is the economy.  That we are in a period of slower growth, not a recession, and high oil prices makes this a relevant discussion to have.  What I am confused (disgusted) about is how people have no faith in the free markets.

I understand that many people think free markets are what got us to this “terrible” state we’re in, which is completely untrue.  The current situation is one of the best times, if not the best time, in history in terms of standard of living brought to you not by Clinton or Bush but by free markets.  But while the media generated myth about the separation of wealth is also probably at fault, we can’t be that brainwashed, can we?  In reality, the wealthy pay a higher percentage of taxes than before, even after Bush’s “tax cuts for the rich,”  which somehow helped the middle and lower classes the most.  But the informed of us know this, so why is it when I argue free markets versus socialism it always seems people lean toward government-run economy?

My generation is not the most informed when it comes to politics, but come on.  Why are we so willing to hand over our freedoms to the government to bail us out, even if we did believe all these problems are going on?  Many people, it appears, are even willing to admit they don’t mind some socialism, what with the outcry for socialized health care. 

The simple reason I can come up with is that we think the deck is stacked against us.  Perhaps we have, in fact, bought in to the fact that all the big executives can control us and that we don’t have the ability not to buy their product.  I think we’ve become so addicted to our luxurious lifestyle that we think it’s a travesty that we have to make choices, and we want it all.  We think that if flat panel TVs go up in price, it would be an injustice because we have to buy one.  Guess what?  We don’t.  It’s just like oil prices.  My friend thinks it’s a huge injustice that he has to make the choice whether or not to drive around to bars to party because of high oil prices.  Maybe if we just gave up a little bit of that type of driving oil demand wouldn’t be so high.  “Ha!  Like we’re giving up going to the bars!  I shouldn’t have to make that choice.”

So, am I right?  Is this why we are headed down the path of giving up our individuality?  We are allowing government to start controlling what we eat, drink, and smoke.  Where does it end?  Do we allow them to tell us when and where we can drive?  When we can turn our power on and off?  (Already happening in California)  Any other reasons besides entitlement that we think the government needs to control more than they are given power to do so?  I feel this a necessary discussion, or I fear we will continue to regress toward governement control of our lives.  It is possible that those very bars my friend wants to drive to won’t be allowed to serve beer any more, seeing how they already eliminated smoking.  But hey, at least he might be able to drive there with cheaper, government controlled gas prices.

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