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Al Gore Disproves Global Warming

Posted by jemartynowski on June 3, 2008

Man-made Global Warming.  Just reading it probably gets you all worked up.  So much has been made of this theory since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truththat it is starting to lose its luster.  Now, alarmists and skeptics alike are becoming annoyed about it.  They barely talk about it outside of the current temperature because all of the arguments have been played out.  But this is a serious issue.  The governments around the world are already using global warming as a means to convince us to give up our already diminishing freedoms.  In the UK, at least, people are becoming angered enough with the ridiculous taxes to stage protests and do some persuading of politicians to get rid of them.  At least Al Gore is here to help us disprove the current notions of man-made global warming.

The graph Gore uses in his film to hammer home his point of the link between global temperatures and CO2 levels throughout history shows an uncanny linkbetween the two.  Both of these lines move on very similar paths which shows an undeniable correlation.  “Ah Ha,” you say.  “That proves it!”  Sure, it proves something.  But which event causes the other?  Think I’m crazy?  Maybe grasping at straws?  Not at all.  There is a reason Gore doesn’t share all the facts with you.

He shows the two graphs on different axes to fool you.  If they were plotted on the same axis, you would notice that the CO2 levels actually FOLLOW the temperature levels by an average of about 500 years.  So, saying that CO2 increases cause temperature increases is absolutely backwards and insane.  This seems like it should be the smoking gun, but for some reason it goes unsaid, for the most part.

What does this all have to do with economics?  Well, ask yourself that next time you hear government trying to pass legislation to “combat climate change.”  Should we really be basing such economically debilitating ideas on something with no scientific evidence to back it up?  Of course not, but that’s not going to stop the government from using these lies as more reason to take freedoms from us.  In California, they are working on legislation to actually control the temperature of your home.  This should scare you.  It is as if all of those science fiction books we used to read in high school are coming to life.

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