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Global Warming Debate, or Lack Thereof

Posted by jemartynowski on July 15, 2008

I would like to take the time to point out an excellent blog related to weather and climate.  They outline the fallacy of global warming using facts, which to the global warming people are known as “useless details.”

Watt’s Up With That (new link on the right) is a great site that gives good information constantly about the false claims made about climate change.  The site is run by a former meteorologist who takes the complete mockery of his passion seriously.  He is clearly unhappy about the willingness to spread a lie that many people in his field have.  Despite this, he is an envrionmentalist to a degree, and supports better practices in that area, which I admire. 

Back to the point of this post.  As pointed out on Watt’s Up With That, the many champions of man-made global warming continue to refuse debate.  Dr. James Hansen, one of the biggest names to come out and make end-of-the-world statements, was invited to an open debate about the subject by the College of William and Mary.  They had Dr. Patrick Michaels, a global warming skeptic, as the representative for the counter arguement.  You would assume that a good situation like that would be a nice opportunity to make your points.  However, knowing that there is no real factual evidence to back up his claims, Dr. Hansen refused with an arrogant “not interested” in an email.

“His reply — devoid of any salutation, punctuation, capitalization or signature — came an hour after Mr. Katz sent his original e-mail.”

Look, it is one thing to try to avoid debate on a subject when you make some rediculous claims about it.  It is another to do this when you are a public figure with a pretty wide range of influence.  It is on a completely different level when you do all this and want to charge those who disagree with you with “crimes against humanity.” 

For those counting at home, that makes the two most prominent global warming voices refusing to debate their position with others.  I hate to keep harping on this subject, but it is going to be very important during the next president’s term.  There will be much legislation based on the completely false idea of global warming and it will affect you.

4 Responses to “Global Warming Debate, or Lack Thereof”

  1. tamino said

    Anthony Watts is a nice enough fellow. But his understanding of climate is feeble at best, and as an analyst he and his contributors are grossly incompetent. For details see this, this, this, this, this.

  2. skepticsglobalwarming said

    Watts’ site is chock full of information and, as far as the original commenter is concerned, it’s not hard to plot out carbon emissions versus temperature to see that carbon does not lead temperature, it’s the other way around.

  3. cj said

    I’m no expert on these issues, mostly because I’m so sick of hearing both sides say they know what’s up. I HATE all the Demos who say that the world is melting, and I HATE the Cliche Repubs who keep saying there’s nothing to worry about. fact is, we just don’t know, and that’s that. And of course, both sides are going to find convenient scientific evidence to back up their case, that’s just how politics work.

    Also, of course McCain is “backing” sugar-based ethanol, because the it should take some of the hippy voters away from Buh Rock. Who knows what his intentions are if he were to be the man in charge. That’s my whole problem with our political system anymore. General apathy may be dangerous, but I can’t help it anymore.

  4. jemartynowski said

    Word, CJ. I don’t mean to say that McCain is some angel here, only to say that his sugar-based backing, whether he means to be or not, is the better choice. His idea is to lower taxes on imports (which would actually increase tax revenues, because more sugar-based stuff would be imported) vs. BO’s subsidies and the like taken from us, redistributed by the government (socialism). Plus, we need to aviod giving Obama credit for his ethanol ideas when he is, in fact, in bed with those companies. Neither candidate is a saint here, that’s for sure, and nobody knows what the future holds for what we do to the planet, but we need to not act like Chicken Little and THINK.

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