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Economic Hypochondria

Posted by jemartynowski on August 4, 2008

“What a spectacle! You know, the American people driving around in their Lincoln Navigators, barely making it from one gas station to another, sipping designer water that costs more than gasoline and talking to one another on their cell phones about how difficult life had become in America.”
~George Will

What a spectacle, indeed, Mr. Will.  The line from George Will points out that we are in, as he calls it, a state of economic hypochondria.  We are constantly complaining about our situation, no matter how good it really is.  Truthfully, and I’m sure Mr. Will would agree, this just illustrates the result of the real problem. 

Especially in this time during an election year, we are being told how horrible the economy is.  Our terrible recession and the massive housing crisis with every single American losing his or her home to foreclosure.  How is it that the journalists and politicians convincing us of these things have no repercussions for their misleading propaganda?  We continue to support them and listen, believing, despite the facts, that our lives are awful.  Forget that GDP growth was a positive 1.9% in the second quarter of this year, forget that 98% of the people with homes are not getting foreclosed, forget reality.

The politicians want to “save” us from these awful conditions they are telling us we are experiencing.  What’s worse is that the problems that actually do exist are problems they themselves created.  Barack Obama wants to create a socialist health care system because there are 40-odd million people without insurance.  Guess who’s partially responsible?  Mr. Obama himself.  Most of those people are under the age of 35, and are mostly healthy.  They would like to be insured, but someone voted for (I need to get the exact number here, but I’m pretty sure it’s about) 8 different insurance laws that force insurance companies to cover more, unnecessary things.  Now, I know he’s against capitalism, but even for him it should be easy to see what happens to insurance costs when unnecessary things have to be paid for by the insurance companies:  they go up.  Which, in turn, means those 18-35 year olds can’t afford what they might have been able to afford before.

This election season, we are going to be bombarded by “problems” that one candidate or another is going to fix.  Many of these problems are media-created problems, some are created through other means (Read a Letter Carrier’s union newsletter if you ever get a chance.  Hilarious or sad?).  According to what we hear every day, we’re all poor or going poor, our houses are all in foreclosure, and none of us can afford to drive to work, so we’re all getting fired.  Sensibly, we all know this isn’t true.  Please, don’t let the government control more than they already do with fixes to these phantom problems.

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