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Yes, It Does Matter

Posted by jemartynowski on August 11, 2008

I would like to point out an article that Dr. Walter Williams wrote recently.  Whereas the article is pointing out the evils of lobbyists and environmentalists who currently own Washington, I would like to point to one thing in particular. 

See, it seems to me that more and more people think that it doesn’t matter who is elected president, because in the end, they won’t accomplish much.  That is true, to a point, but not entirely accurate.  The problem is that we don’t see the big picture of things that seem less important at the time until it is too late.  Dr. Williams does a great job here:

“There’s a hateful side to Cap and Trade that’s revealed by asking the question: How will it be decided who received how much allowance to emit greenhouse gases? Congress could sell the allowances and/or give them away to favorite constituents.”

That’s an important thing to think about.  More decisions made by Washington = less control for the average U.S. citizen and more power for lobbyists with deep pockets.  Which leads us to the most important paragraph:

“Much worse than that is the massive control government would have over our economy and our lives. Congress might decide that since tobacco use is unhealthy, it might not issue allowances to tobacco companies. While many Americans might applaud that, how many would like Congress to refuse to issue allowances to companies that produce foods that some people deem unhealthy such as French fries, sodas, canned soups and potato chips. Congress might deny, or threaten to deny, allowances to companies that in their opinion didn’t hire enough women and minorities. The possibilities for control over our lives would be endless and could include nuisance-type edicts such a requiring us to buy a permit to barbeque in our backyard.”

This is the loss of freedom.  We are handing it over with enthusiasm.  All I’m saying is we should always think of the long-term consequences of who we elect to office and what they will do.  Maybe the “Cap and Trade” sounds like a relatively harmless appeasement of the environmentalist cult, but we should know better.

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