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Getting Through to the Public

Posted by jemartynowski on August 25, 2008

When I think about the current state of politics, with the presidential election coming up and the very divided mindsets we have in the country and the world, I have very mixed feelings.  On one side, I’m happy that we are strongly pulling back on the side of free markets vs. the side of big government control.  However, I’m concerned because many people on both sides seem not to have a clue what they are really supporting. 

Honestly, ask most people about why they are voting for Barack Obama, if indeed they are.  Perhanps they’ll tell you how bad the economy is under a Republican so we need a change.  Do these people really have any idea about what’s going on in our country, or are they just spouting off what they heard on the “news?” 

On the flip side, how about McCain supporters?  “We need a strong leader in these times of war and someone with good, conservative values.”  Whereas there may be merits to this, the world is always in a time of war.  There hasn’t been a time I can name where there isn’t some kind of conflict brewing or already full blown.  Maybe it isn’t that exact reason, but it’s probably one of those “good conservative values” reasons. 

The reality of it is that it seems like we’ve lost sight of the true intentions of these politicians.  Shouldn’t we step back and think about what we really believe?  When we’re honest with ourselves, is it a little bit scary?  I like to take any political ideal, goal, and claim and use good old fashioned logic to see what’s really being done.  It’s pretty simple to just look at the potential results of these ideas and know where the suppliers of these ideas stand.  Does he/she really believe we should be free to make our own choices, or do they think that they are smarter than us.  That they know, in fact, we are too dumb to make our own decisions.

Example number one:  Increasing taxes on the rich, which sounds so “Robin Hood,” is very popular right now.  The American people, running the gammut from extremely poor to totally loaded-rich, can see the merits of this, right?  Well, these people don’t “need” all that money, do they?  It’d be better to give some of it to those who have less, of course.  OK, let’s look at what this entails:

First, we need to have an almighty power who decides when someone makes “enough” money, which means the government.  Which in turn means more power for them, and more reason for them to get a portion of that redistributed wealth.  Second, it needs to be processed, another cut of that redistributed wealth taken by politicians.  Then, most importantly, what are the consequences of this wealth redistribution?  Those wealthy people, whose money you just legally stole, would have been used to purchase goods and services, which would have in turn gone to those who supplied the goods and services, who has to pay employees to provide said goods and services.  A cycle which, unimpeded, would continue to provide a jobs and wealth redistribution by people’s free will, not the heavy hand of a fascist government. 

Another example is the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”  Never in our history has their been such a blatant attempt to eliminate the First Amendment.  However, knowing that the Leftists don’t hold power over the radio, they need to silence the opposition somehow.  This is scarier than almost anything we have coming from our power-hungry politicians.  If the government thinks they can control free speech Nazi-style, we’re pretty much done in already.  I have faith that these ridiculous laws will never be, but their conception alone should tell us something of their intentions, should it not?  Why are we, as an entire nation, not more outraged by this idea.

Examples of freedom-eliminating potential laws are everywhere now, from the elimination of union workers’ right to secret ballot (are they serious?) to lifestyle infractions such as what food we can and can’t eat.  I think what really needs to be thought about when deciding on not just this presidential election but all of our elections is where the candidate stands on these issues.  Is he/she for or against protecting our freedom?  Are we going to continue to give up rights to the government for some romantic Utopian fantasy that we apparently think they can provide?  Which candidate will protect the Bill of Rights and which will continue to try to dismantle it until we are slaves to our government’s whim?

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