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Communism Sucks. So Does Barack Obama

Posted by jemartynowski on October 17, 2008

Communism seriously does suck.  I could get into the specifics, but that would be a book.  I guess if you’re reading this, you already know that.  The main point here is about Barack Obama’s ties to the extreme leftists in our country and others, and his laughing them off.  Sure we all know that Barack Obama isn’t a terrorist and maybe he doesn’t even condone Bill Ayers and his terrorist acts.  The problem here is that every time someone brings up these extreme ties that he has, it gets passed over as “irrelevant” or “vicious lies by the conservatives.”  Right, I get it.  The main stream media wants Obama elected.  But those of us that give a crap about individualism can see otherwise.

The connections to such people and organizations are much more important than getting a BJ from an intern or anything like that.  People are getting carried away by this dumbass and his massive giveaways he keeps promising.  I also see the apathy of people who don’t care about the fact that the only people who have to pay for these giveaways are “the rich.”  Let’s work these relationships and policies all out and see what they look like. 

First, Barack Obama’s campaign keeps trying to play down connections to Frank Marshall Davis, a man with connections to the Communist Party, and to people like Bill Ayers, an unremorseful terrorist.  These were long ago and don’t have anything to do with the things he believes now, right?

Well, I would be willing to say that if Obama himself writes about their influences in his book, he probably considers them very important.  Even though he knows his connections to them are extreme and would be political suicide (he creepily refers only to Frank Marshall Davis as “Frank”) he does so because their ideals are important to him.  So please stop pretending that these extreme relationships mean nothing.  They shaped his belief system and pretending otherwise would be a farce.

So, we know how he learned these awful things and we know they mattered to him.  How does that relate to what he is saying and planning today?  Well, lets get back to “taxing the rich.”  As we all know taxation is just legalized theft.  It’s necessary, to a point, but it is up to us to decide when it becomes criminal.  Well, Obama claims that he is going to do monumental things with this government, such as lowering taxes for the poor (who don’t pay any taxes anyways), setting up a great new health care program, and creating new sources of energy all while creating new jobs.  Despite the fact that we know that many of these things being done by the government is unconstitutional, we’ll allow them to happen in our imagination and see the consequences. 

First, the money to pay for these programs has to come from somewhere.  Well, in order to lower taxes on some, create new government entities to run health care, research new energy, and create new jobs (?) we’ll have to get some more cash from the rich.  Let’s raise those taxes. 

Well, now many of the small business owners, not to mention the giant “greedy” corporations that provide jobs to most of America need to make cutbacks on the number of their employees or even raise their prices on you.  It’s like playing Russian Roulette.  The only way to stop these things from happening is by going all out fascist and forcing companies to lose money.  Awesome.

Alright, if you’re not convinced about where Barack Obama’s support is coming from, here’s Communist Party USA champion Gerald Horne:

(the important stuff is in the last paragraph)

4 Responses to “Communism Sucks. So Does Barack Obama”

  1. YOU WROTE “Even though he knows his connections to them are extreme and would be political suicide (he creepily refers only to Frank Marshall Davis as “Frank”) he does so because their ideals are important to him.”


    1. Obama refers to others in “Dreams” only by their first names. This is common practice in memoirs. If you didn’t know this, I understand. If you DID know this, then how is it “creepy”?

    2. Davis was a closet Communist, and did not readily disclose his background. There is no evidence that Obama even knew of Davis’s CPUSA background.

    3. Dreams discloses no political aspirations by Obama in 1995. Even if Obama knew of Davis’s CPUSA background, how would disclosing be “political suicide” for someone without political aspirations?

    4. “Dreams” reveals no political indoctrination by Davis. According to “Dreams,” the only “ideals” conveyed by Davis were ethnic.

    5. Edgar Tidwell, whom AIM’s Cliff Kincaid cites as “an expert on the life and writings of Davis,” demolishes right-wing misrepresentation of Davis’s radical influence in one simple paragraph:

    “Although my research indicates that Davis joined the CPUSA as a “closet member” during World War II, there is no evidence that he was a Stalinist, or even a Party member before WWII. Further, to those attempting to make the specious stand for the concrete, there is no evidence that he instructed Barack Obama in communist ideology. Frank Marshall Davis did NOT believe in overthrowing the USA. He was committed to what the nation professed to be. For him, communism was primarily an intellectual vehicle to achieve a political end-a possible tool for gaining the constitutional freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans.” (See

  2. jemartynowski said

    Well, the rundown:
    1. Creepy because of who the people are and what they stand for.
    2. It’s not his official CPUSA membership that’s most important, it’s that his ideals were, in fact, obviously communist-leaning. When those things influence you, whether you knew at the time what it was called or not, it is an important thing.
    3. Pretending that Barack Obama was not bred to be a politition is a joke. However, if you want to try semantics, he always wanted to be a pillar of the community-type leader. Either way, it would be tough to overcome that stigma.
    4. I’m lead to believe that Davis taught only one of two things that go hand-in-hand without ever explaining the other half of his ideals? Plus, it is pretty difficult to have such mentors without knowing where they stand on most things. Anyone who influenced me when I was younger was pretty obvious just by their actions where they stood, and I’m not the brightest guy in the world.
    5. Whether or not he wanted to “overthrow” the US, it is really his beliefs that cause the pain. You don’t need to be a “revolutionary” (traditional definition) in the US to support a revolution. All you have to do is vote. Plus, I don’t really know him very well, but I’d be willing to make a sizeable bet as to who Edgar Tidwell would be voting for, and that’s like a sports fan defending his own team, no matter how crappy they are.

    I guess the point here is this: if you have to keep explaining away relationships that did, truthfully and without a doubt, exist, there’s a problem. I know that maybe you think these people were less of a communist than they really were, but the fact remains that they were for more government, less individualism, and taking away freedom from some for what they thought was for the benefit of others. There is no way the government has that right, no matter what they want to use it for if it is not in the constitution.

    Plus, at least I’m not one of those guys who’s all, “Obama knows Bill Ayers, he must be a terrorist.” Or something like that. I’m just concerned about real issues which involve what he believes from an economic standpoint.

  3. karl marx said

    you idiot. the fact that u mentioning the govt steals money from the rich is just a lie . how do you think the rich make money anyway, they steal it from the people, ya you heard me. there are only 3 things that generates wealth – hardwork (working class) + technology (machinery) + intelligence ( engineers , scientists). the rich people just take most of the profit because you made some intial ivestment ( which in turn they stole from someoneelse earlier), the govt isnt stealing money from the rich it is just giving it back to the people, you dumb moron……………. ya im a leftist

  4. jemartynowski said

    Mr. Marx,

    I believe you are a bit confused. Most businesses in the United States are technically small businesses. The people who own or are partners in these are the rich, for the most part. Most of these businesses, in fact, were opened by someone who made money being a laborer or somehow worked in the field of the business they create. For example, one small business owner I helped opened a heating and cooling company. He used the money he had saved working as a heating and cooling technician to open the business. It was difficult at first, but eventually he made a profit. Then, in a couple of years, he was making great profits. He is technically the rich and this is a typical rich business owner in the United States of America.

    Now, is it fair that he, along with many others like him, are going to foot the bill for whatever a tyrant, elected or otherwise, wants to do? No, it really isn’t. Call it what you want, but taking something that was earned legally from someone else under the threat of force is theft. That is what happens. If you do not pay tribute to the whims of the tyrant, you will be imprisoned.

    So no, it is not a lie. It is an easily proven fact.

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