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More Walter Williams Genius: Laissaz-Faire Capitalism

Posted by jemartynowski on November 14, 2008

Dr. Walter Williams, a brilliant mind with a talent for taking the ridiculous things we hear every day from a variety of sources and proving the garbage we hear wrong.  With so many people saying conflicting things to try to forward their own cause, it’s often difficult to understand what is really going on.  I’ve let it be known that I never really liked Alan Greenspan, cause he’s a d-bag and all, but people still actually listen to things he says.  Seriously, they do.  Even after he preached about how great adjustable rate mortgages are and was a proponent of the weak dollar (not that Bernanke is innocent in that regard).  So I think it’s important to understand why he is so wrong when he says that he overestimated the free market and seems to show sadness in its failure. 

Dr. Williams steps in here and shows a more detailed description of our so-called “free market” and why it really isn’t.  If you want to blame the current system, go ahead, but don’t call it the laissaz-faire capitalism.

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