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Barack Obama Supporters: Are You Happy?

Posted by jemartynowski on December 11, 2008

Well, we’re negative 40-some days into the Obama administration and we’re already seeing some awesome stuff. The “change” we were all so excited about looks more like the “same stuff we’ve been seeing for decades in politics.” Good work on that.

So far, we’ve seen Obama bring all kinds of Clinton administration members back, keep an important Bush guy, and the governor of his home state has been arrested for, among other things, trying to “sell” Obama’s vacant senate seat. (By the way, why aren’t we talking about Obama’s role in this more? He allegedly offered too little for Blagokreyakfvich or whatever but he did offer something. Isn’t an offer of a bunch of board seats for his wife still illegal? Or are we so screwed with corruption that that is not even worth going after? I mean, he’s going to be the president. When Bush drops a deuce and doesn’t flush twice he gets a shit storm from the left.) All I’m saying is I hope you’re all happy. 

That’s not to say that things would have been much better with McCain.  I mean, he’d probably already have the gallows up for the big three chiefs and would be just as ready to start nationalizing things.  I guess it’s just funny that change didn’t mean anything, unless you keep hearing of the people who have stopped paying their mortgage because they’re sure Obama’s going to take care of it for them.  That’s nice of him. 

Of course we’re not going to have a guy come in and go all Hitler on us, but it is the more subtle things that suck about him and even the current administration.  We shouldn’t be rewarding companies for being awful.  Ford, the least crappy of the so-called big three, gets no money, the crappiest, GM, get’s most.  Yep, that sounds like exactly how I would figure the government would spend my money.

My message to Barack Obama and his administration when dealing with this would be the following:  Nobody is too big to fail!!!  Not a giant auto company, not a bank, not the United States government.  When you keep bailing out bad companies, you weaken the U.S. industries.  Remember that.  My previous post describes that, even with bullies like ACORN and the UAW pressuring you, you have to stand up and do what’s right. 

It might suck right now and jobs will be lost, but think of the innovation that will come from desperate people.  We will get more ideas, better methods, and, if the government keeps its meddling hands off, more independent wealth created.  Don’t think about tomorrow, think about ten years from now.

One Response to “Barack Obama Supporters: Are You Happy?”

  1. goodtimepolitics said

    IT sad to see people still defending Obama after all the lying he has done and now this ILL Gov. mess that Obama’s name is tied to. Sounds like Nixon and Chinton all over again…

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