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More Economic Thoughts From Sports Writers

Posted by jemartynowski on December 11, 2008

This one starts out all well and good: Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer begins his article about the disconnect of Major League Baseball from its fans talking about how you can’t really blame these guys for asking for the money they are currently seeking because they are a commodity and commodities are worth what someone will pay for them.  This is probably the smartest comment I’ve ever heard from a sports writer, except for when someone says something awesome about my home teams.  Mostly, he does a pretty good job of showing the problems baseball will run into.  Maybe they will start to lose revenue and be in a pinch.  Well, then they’ll learn a lesson.  There certainly won’t be any bail out money for them, will there?

The part he gets horribly wrong is comparing the situation to the big three and the taxpayer money promised to these companies.  He says that no, there is no government money for the baseball players but, “one way or another, ” what he gets will come from us. 

Right.  Except that we have a choice to go to a ballgame and spend the ridiculous amounts on a hot dog and beer.  Those are luxuries.  The money being promised is actually on our heads, our kids’ heads and our grandkids’ heads.  If we don’t pay for it when the IRS comes to our door, we’re going to jail.  If we don’t go watch our favorite baseball team play, the worst that can happen is that they can’t pay so much for players.  If the whole league did that, player salaries would go down. 

Weird, capitalism and stuff.  It’s funny how the emotion of sports gets in the way of logic.  I guess I’m just as guilty.  I still think the Browns can win the Super Bowl every year.  OK, maybe I’m not that crazy.

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