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Barack Obama, The Yankees, and Economic Downturns

Posted by jemartynowski on January 8, 2009

With the economy on the forefront of most Americans’ minds, Barack Obama has come out with strong words about how to help out.  Recently, he has come out with more brilliant plans to spend loads of taxpayer money on the problem, because if we don’t we’ll lose money.  Sure, it doesn’t make sense, because either way we’re paying for it (through our own tax dollars and massive inflation which totally hurts the country way more than if a few hundred thousand people are unemployed because you are in essence lowering the quality of life for 100% of Americans but hey who cares because it sounds good to take money from the rich and use it as you see (fit holy crap someone please think more than five minutes into the future), but when you are President of the United States of America (er, almost) you need to look like you’re doing something. 

This problem is made worse because both he and John McCain kept throwing out all these things they would do to help the economy should they become president.  Now that Obama’s there, he needs to keep that up.  This has happened and will happen no matter who gets elected in the future because nobody is going to win an election by saying, “hey, maybe we should learn some lessons and stay out of the public’s business because we keep making it worse.” 

Really, the only way politicians seem to know how to do anything is by spending more money on things.  If you really looked at what it is supposed to be like in the US, that’s not completely constitutional, but I digress.  The point I’m trying to make is that the leaders of our country only know how to spend money, not how to run a country.  They can’t take a long, hard look at themselves and take responsibility for their errors and, more importantly, learn from them.  They aren’t taking any steps in the right direction to get the right personnel where they should be and cut spending in wasteful areas.  Which leads me to another crappy group of leaders:  The New York Yankees.

The Yankees are making exactly the same mistakes and have been for years now.  Every time they don’t win a World Series, the first thing they do is start spending money.  They don’t ask questions, they just spend money.  The reasons for that are similar to the reasons the government spends recklessly:  public perception.  It looks like they are doing things make everything better, but really all they are are older and less athletic than before.  They don’t develop a whole lot of new talent.  They aren’t being very wise about their spending, as they could have spent a bunch less over the years on better talent.  Just like our federal government.

The Yankees may win a World Series this year or next, but the odds aren’t that much better than other teams.  If they do, everyone hates them because all they did was chuck money around.  Plus, they’re just setting themselves up to have to do it all over again, because you have no young talent and every year your older players keep losing a step.  It’s a very familiar, crappy cycle.  At least they can’t print their own money like the federal government.

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