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No Room for Racism

Posted by jemartynowski on January 20, 2009

On this historic day, I can’t help but be annoyed at all of the talking heads on television, whether it’s on CNN or an NBA telecast, talking about how amazing it is that a black man can be elected President of the United States.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m OK with people who’d been discriminated against in the past being extremely proud that this country no longer cares about the color of a person’s skin, but rather the content of his character, but I’m not entirely convinced that that’s true. 

I think that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be slightly disappointed in us, despite the great strides we’ve made in the time since his passing.  The problems we have now with race, though different than they were then, still have the same fundamental flaw:  We care.  It’s not that we wouldn’t want a black man to do this job or that; it’s that we even notice.  We get all excited about the first black coach to win the Super Bowl or the first black president.  Maybe this is just me, but I wasn’t taught that black people were less able to do these things in the first place.  I remember growing up being told that people all look different but that’s it. 

Honestly, if I wasn’t taught that black people were different and needed help from the government by the media, I don’t think I’d notice.  Isn’t that what the Dr. King was dreaming about?  There were people who voted both for and against Barack Obama because of the color of his skin.  Both of those groups are just as responsible for racism.  No, it’s not reverse racism on one side, it’s still just as racist against people to patronize any group. 

Every time someone gets on television talking about the first black man to do this or how impressive the number of black coaches is in some sport it comes accross as arrogant to me.  I always think the guy is almost saying, “Amazing.  A black man is doing the same job as a regular person.”   Isn’t that almost more insulting than some backwards KKK member?  At least we know those guys are crazy.  We’re giving racial differentiating credibility.

See, in a truly capitalist society, there’s no room for differentiating between races.  There’s no “teams” to root for, no sides to take.  If we lived for ourselves and we needed a job accomplished or a service done for us, we’d only choose someone based on their abilities and character.  It would be detrimental to us to consider race, because we might choose someone not as qualified to do something and it would set us back. 

I understand the historical significance of a black man taking the office of president.  I just don’t like that people were taking sides either way based on just that fact.

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