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Gigantic Budget and False Hopes

Posted by jemartynowski on February 27, 2009

Well, the United States Government just passed a huuuuuge budget yesterday. The budget includes the trillion dollar “stimulus” package that redirects our money to where the government thinks it will be better used.  That is, in fact, a complete sham. 

While the government is coming out telling us that we need all of this spending to help improve our financial position, they are completely missing some steps in the logic of it all.  By taking money from some people and redistributing it to wherever they want, they are acting like a dog chasing its tail.  The amount of money in the system doesn’t increase.  They haven’t created any wealth. 

The only reason they could possibly give for doing this is that they will spend our money in a better way than we would.  This is bull.  First, who’s to say what’s “better.”  Isn’t it better if someone uses their money to buy the things they want?  That is how jobs get created.  Second, if we want our society to run better, when have we ever trusted the government to do anything better?  They are people who are crappy (for the most part) in real society and the only thing they do well is kiss ass and suck up to the right people.  They never create anything useful or do useful jobs.  Hell, most of them have law degrees.  Eww. 

Seriously, though, back to the dog chasing his tail.  Society doesn’t get any better from running in circles.  Really, they are just taking the money, taking out a chunk for themselves, then redistributing it.  It’s a net loss for society.  There is no amount of spending that can change the direction of a nation, or the world for that matter, for the better.

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  1. hpx83 said

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