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Daily(ish) Ayn Rand Quote 03/10/09

Posted by jemartynowski on March 10, 2009

Property rights and the right of free trade are man’s only “economic rights” (they are, in fact, political rights)—and there can be no such thing as “an economic bill of rights.” But observe that the advocates of the latter have all but destroyed the former.

-from The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand

It is funny that this “Economic Bill of Rights” that she speaks of is what the current political powers are using to justify their evil moves.  Evil, because they are eliminating rights of others to give them to those they see fit.  Nobody can say that this is alright, but they do a good job of hiding those whose rights are being imposed upon.  We make those people out to be the “rich,” when in fact it is mostly average workers.  The wealth redistribution is just so a few people have the power to decide what to do with our money.  Thanks, guys.  That really helps.

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