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Daily(ish) Ayn Rand Quote

Posted by jemartynowski on March 27, 2009

If concern with poverty and human suffering were the collectivists’ motive, they would have become champions of capitalism long ago; they would have discovered that it is the only political system capable of producing abundance. But they evaded the evidence as long as they could. When the issue became overwhelmingly clear to the whole world, the collectivists were faced with a choice: either turn to the right, in the name of humanity—or to the left, in the name of dictatorial power. They turned to the left—the New Left.

Instead of their old promises that collectivism would create universal abundance and their denunciations of capitalism for creating poverty, they are now denouncing capitalism for creating abundance. Instead of promising comfort and security for everyone, they are now denouncing people for being comfortable and secure.

-From Return of the Primitive:  The Anti-Industrial Revolution by Ayn Rand

For those of you who think that, at the very least, these left-wing crazies that have a vice grip on our collective junk have good intentions (feeding the poor, making things “equal”), I question your logic.  It is already obvious, historically, that collectivist systems inhibit growth and abundance.  The old left had illogical ideas that their methods would be the only way to keep advancements organized and regulated, therefore resulting in the betterment of society.  They were wrong. 

Now, though they might still try to make the same claims as old communists, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and others have to be smart enough to know that these things are not true.  It comes out sometimes, when they admit that much of their agenda would harm the economy, so they need to wait until after we recover.  Jim Cramer, from CNBC’s Mad Money, a proud leftist, admits that the administration needs to stop pushing the things forward that even Cramer himself likes, because they are bad for the economy.  How, then, would these things be good for society just because we have a strong economy?  Perhaps I’m missing a step in logic. 

I’m not.  They aren’t kidding themselves either.  What they all really want is a forced charity.  They want to be able to forcefully collect money from the people to use as they see fit.  That is it.  No more, no less.  They believe they are smarter than you, so that they know best what to do with your resources.  If they were so smart, they would have found a way to accomplish their goals in a free market, not a dictatorship.

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