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It’s Almost Tax Day!!! Yay!!!

Posted by jemartynowski on April 14, 2009

It’s that wonderful time of year!  Spring is coming, baseball is starting, and the government systematically drains a third of our country’s productivity for redistributions to whoever bribes them the best. 

I thought this would be a good opportunity to crush all liberal arguments for the constitutionality of taxing the bejeezus out of us for whatever the hell the government wants to do with the money.    Sound like fun?  Sure it does.  Let’s do it!

The only real argument for the constitutionality of about 90% of what Congress does is the “General Welfare Clause” (cue scary music).  Liberals say, “you’re stupid.  Obviously the founding fathers wanted us to have a fascist government that could do what they want with our money because they are people we elect who know best what to do for us.  That’s why they included the general welfare and necessary and proper clauses.”

I say to you, “no, you’re stupid.”  Let’s see what Thomas Jefferson says about the matter.  Thomas?  “To consider the latter phrase, not as describing the purpose of the first, but as giving a distinct and independent power to do any act they please, which might be for the good of the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless. It would reduce the whole instrument to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power to do whatever would be for the good of the U.S. and as they would be the sole judges of the good or evil, it would be also a power to do whatever evil they pleased.”

(Bold italics mine)  My favorite part is obviously the bold part.  If, in fact, the general welfare phrase meant that congress could pass laws for whatever they deemed good, the rest of the constitution would be useless.  Why, if that were true, liberal fascists, would they have bothered to write the rest of the powers down?  I know logic and reason are not your thing, but please, use just a little bit. 

This is where the biggest disconnect is between the American people and the founders.  The people of the United States believe they are voting for whoever can run our country the best.  They want someone who has the best ideas of good and evil, who knows what to do with taxpayer money and who has the best ideas of how government should be.  This is an incorrect attitude.  The founders wrote a government that, when the rules are followed, could be run by idiots.  There is no way to screw it up, because it’s already outlined for them.  People like Barack Obama think that the Constitution needs to be torn up and rewritten because it holds back the power of those elected.  He wins an election by saying, “who would you rather have making decisions of what kind of government you have, a brilliant Harvard grad or some ex-military war hero?”  I would say that’s not the right question. I want the guy who will follow the rules and NOT make those decisions as he is constitutionally bound not to do so. 

I think I’m ranting now, so it’s probably a good time to stop.

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