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Inside the Head of Janeane Garofalo (No, it’s not Empty)

Posted by jemartynowski on April 17, 2009

Recently, on MSCBSECHBKNBC or something, Janeane Garofalo claimed that the Tea Parties on tax day were “racist.”  She said that the people attending this were basically the KKK and were just mad that a black man is the POTUS.  Now, I know that this statement is so devoid of reason that we might just pass it off and think of Garofalo as just another useful idiot to the socialist movement, but I think this is a great example for us to analyze how we have gotten to the point we are at in our country. 

See, she tries to make these people who are demonstrating their want for independence out to be the ones with non-working brains.  Obviously, in her mind, they are dumb.  How can she throw this stuff out there and not have any evidence to support it?  Can she really just overlook the real issue of these nationwide protests and make them out to be the bad guy?

The way she pulls all of this off is to NOT think about it.  Thinking hard about things never works for a leftist.  When you use logic and question things, a liberal always gets to a point they don’t want to go.  By making something else an issue, they are on the offensive and don’t have to think about their beliefs and what they mean.  So lets make her actually do that:

Janeane, by trashing the protests against large government attacks on our freedoms, you naturally support large government.  So, by using logic, you obviously think that our government should be smart enough to make our decisions for us and that we should not think for ourselves, at least in matters of importance.  Well, I would argue that your attitude is unconstitutional.  Our government was founded on the idea that they should never make decisions for us, unless it is something clearly stated in the Constitution that they are supposed to. 

I know that you don’t think this way, because you really think that Barack Obama or some other politician will one day come along and create a Utopia.  They will know exactly where and when our resources should be used and how they should be used.  But here’s the problem, Janeane:  that’s not what our country was founded for.  We were created to allow as much freedom as possible.  Yes, I understand it is not perfect, and that there will be some pain for people, because not everyone is made for success.  Not only that, but we have to learn from our own mistakes.  We need to be smart enough to take experience and advice and advance ourselves, not rely on others  to do it for us.  But, even you, Janeane, know that that is the fun of life.

Understand that when government takes from the private sector to redistribute, they are simply taking water from the deep end and dumping it in the shallow end, acting like they just raised the water level.  Only private individuals interested in bettering themselves can raise that water level by coming up with new and exciting things.

There are two options, really:  freedom or slavery.  Don’t act like there are different options, those are just different forms and degrees of slavery.  What is better:  Bill Gates becoming a jillionaire because he created a product that bettered our lives and changed the future forever, or a single entity that decides who gets what when they feel like it?  These are the two options.  Do not fool yourself into thinking there are others. 

So when Janeane Garofalo argues against your freedom, your individualsm, think logically what that means.  Please, somebody, next time actually challenge her to back up her opinions with facts and thoughtful insight, not just wild accusations

4 Responses to “Inside the Head of Janeane Garofalo (No, it’s not Empty)”

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  2. ledgewood said

    there aren’t too many things that annoy me more that a blowhard celebrity who gets to come on some “news” program and tell me about some civil right issue. they are no more an expert than you or i. ugh.

    however, you can say you use logic to argue against or for just about anything (titanic ring a bell?), but i think that is people misusing the term ‘logic’…they are just nibbling little bits of it to spin something they want to say.

    example: you can use logic to explain why affirmative action works and you can use it to explain why it doesn’t. its why we get nothing done with just two parties and a 50/50 country.

    you dont have to justify billy gates making zillions saying he made our lives better, etc. it should be understood that we as a society HAVE to give an uneven surplus of money to certain people for their innovative work, otherwise no one would bust their asses in life and we’d never evolve. its why communism fails everytime. but i am a bit confused. what is the single entity that would decide who gets what when they feel like it? is that the left powers in compared to the ideal right? because i don’t think my day-to-day would be a sliver different one winner or the other (you know how i think). there’s always gonna be two super-powerful rich groups arguing what to do with our money using there logic, and nothings going to change (sorry obama lovers, your life’s not changing), and i am just gonna keep going to work and givin it to em. theres no gray area in politics, thats the problem… i say we move to start the gray party.

    but hey, let’s ask robert downey jr. what he thinks about it.

  3. ledgewood said

    *by the by, i dont hate people that believe in religion, i feel sorry for them*

  4. jemartynowski said

    The Constitution was created to make sure that it wasn’t, in fact, two giant rich entities fighting for what to do with our resources. The founders outlined exactly what they were allowed to do and nothing more. No, the Right is not immune to the crappiness of thinking that they know better, but for the most part at least they are closer. Really, the fight has been redefined.

    It was supposed to be that the Constitution limited the powers of government and everything that wasn’t specifically mentioned was left to the states. That way, I wouldn’t have to pay for the stupid bailouts or anything that some a-hole in California thinks is fine. I have a bit more say in a state or local election and am beholden to fewer people. I am a slave to fewer mobs.

    The country was founded on the fact that idiots could run it, as long as they follow the Constitution. The left has long ago thrown out the document and instead made the fight about who is the better Robin Hood. This is a fight they cannot lose, because the othe side says we shouldn’t play Robin Hood at all. Game over.

    Our country became extremely “progressive” in the early 1900s and has subsequently given more and more power to the government to do what they want. This should not even be an issue. The powers were limited. These fights shouldn’t have to happen. When you can’t get your agenda passed because of individual freedoms, change the definition of freedom. It’s a power grab that can be justified only as “for the good of the people,” which is an impossible ideal. That only means for the good of whoever has the biggest gang in a democracy, or whatever the person in power thinks is best in a tyranny, which is where we’re headed.

    All I ask is for everyone to let me do whatever thet hell I want to do, so long as I’m not using violence on someone else. Then I’ll leave everyone else to do whatever the hell they want to do. The government was never supposed to exist to determine good and bad, just to let us determine that for ourselves. They exist to stop violence between ourselves and from outside sources. That’s pretty much it.

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