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Daily(ish) Ayn Rand Quote

Posted by jemartynowski on May 12, 2009

A mixed economy is a mixture of freedom and controls—with no principles, rules, or theories to define either. Since the introduction of controls necessitates and leads to further controls, it is an unstable, explosive mixture which, ultimately, has to repeal the controls or collapse into dictatorship. A mixed economy has no principles to define its policies, its goals, its laws—no principles to limit the power of its government. The only principle of a mixed economy—which, necessarily, has to remain unnamed and unacknowledged—is that no one’s interests are safe, everyone’s interests are on a public auction block, and anything goes for anyone who can get away with it. Such a system—or, more precisely, anti-system—breaks up a country into an ever-growing number of enemy camps, into economic groups fighting one another for self preservation in an indeterminate mixture of defense and offense, as the nature of such a jungle demands. While, politically, a mixed economy preserves the semblance of an organized society with a semblance of law and order, economically it is the equivalent of the chaos that had ruled China for centuries: a chaos of robber gangs looting—and draining—the productive elements of the country.

-From Capitalism:  The Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand

Wow.  If this doesn’t describe “how we got here” as people like to say these days, nothing does.  Forgive me for not posting this excerpt earlier, as it is one of the most importantly prophetic from Rand’s writings. 

What I like about this commentary is that it not only describes why our economy is crappy but why our political system is crappy, as well.  “Such a system … breaks up a country into an ever-growing number of enemy camps…” It is exactly why I about blow a fuse when people tell me that the Constitution and our founders intended for us to be a formless blob that can constantly change.  Wrong.  It is a set of rules that LIMITS the government’s powers and outlines what they are supposed to do.  If followed, we’d be much better off.  This is why we must keep fighting for our individual freedoms no matter what our oppressors say or do to try and shut us up.


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Donna Shalala (hehe) On CNBC Making No Sense

Posted by jemartynowski on May 12, 2009

Watch It Here!

Donna Shalala, despite the hilarious name, is an important person in our country.  She is the former Health & Human Services secretary which means people listen to her when she talks about things like socialized health care.  This interview from a couple weeks ago started about some swine flu or something I’ve never heard of but eventually worked its way on to health care reform.  The important sentence that I think is a prime example of the idiocy of the liberal mind comes at the 01:37 mark. 

She says that we are all paying for the uninsured one way or another because their health care gets paid for by all of us paying higher insurance costs.  Now, this is the classic “take water from the deep end of the pool, pour it into the shallow end and think the water is rising” thinking that liberals have.  Backwardly, she says that we need to change health care so that everyone gets insurance.  Yay!  Except that all that does is make us all pay it through higher taxes, not higher insurance costs.  So, all you’ve done is make it so that all of the costs that stayed in one sector are spread out through all taxpayers.  Seems dumb to me, but maybe I’m missing something.  It appears that the only way this could be better is if we are under the assumption that the government bureaucracy would be better at being an insurance company and deciding who gets what treatment and whether someone is worth living or not.  Is this what I’m missing?  The government would be able to do a better job of offering timely, clean, professional health care at the same or higher level than the country with the best medical care in the world?

Something tells me that nobody would agree with that.  Our government, with the exception of the one thing they’re supposed to do (defense), can’t do anything right.  I’m OK with that, because that’s what our founding fathers envisioned.  They just wrote a constitution that doesn’t allow idiots to screw it up too bad.  If we followed that document, we wouldn’t even need to waste our time pointing out the complete stupidity of those looking to take away individual freedoms.

Oh yeah, and I love the complete willingness everyone has now to admit that the crappy economy and the fact that Democrats were all elected is basically a blank check for them to do what they want and they’re happy about it.  Wow.  Just wow.

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