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“Progressives” in a Nutshell

Posted by jemartynowski on May 21, 2009

One of my favorite reads, IMAO, threw out this statement in a random thoughts post:

There is never going to be respect for the Muslim world when they’re the children we can’t upset and we’re the adults expected to know better. Why can’t Muslims in the Middle East ever be like, “Don’t worry, that’s just those silly Christians. They don’t know any better.”?

The reason I bring this up is that it completely encompasses the liberal thinking in our nation today.  When someone treats a black man like crap for doing something stupid, he’s racist.  Really, though, he’s just being treated like an individual who did something stupid.  It’s like someone is saying, “hey, they’re black.  They don’t know any better.”

It’s not just with black and white people.  It’s everything else.  “They’re treating Hillary like crap.  It must be because they hate powerful women.”  Or they just think she’s being an idiot.  Isn’t treating someone with kid gloves and patronizing them basically saying they are not worth as much as a white male?  It’s awful. 

Perhaps worse than an annoying liberal saying these things is when someone does it to their own kind.  Jesse Jackson leads the league in this.  He acts as if black people need hand-holding, free handouts, and a leader.  I would argue to Jesse that I, unlike him, think that black people are just as capable and just as smart as anyone else, so they shouldn’t get any special treatment.  Who’s the racist person here?

All I’m saying is that in a free, capitalist society, there is no room for racism.  It’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense.  Differentiating between people based on the color of their skin would harm you or your business.  If you passed up on the best workers because of something so trivial, you’d be out of business or have crappy relationships for the rest of your life.


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