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Has This Ever Happened?

Posted by jemartynowski on June 15, 2009

Question:  has there ever been a period in history like this one?  I’m talking about the fact that many, if not most, of the people who are supposed to be experts on society and the political and economic systems of the time seem to have absolutely no concept of how these systems work.  As pointed out by Capitalism Magazine, it seems journalists who write opinions on world politics and economics are even confused.  How can it be, if you are formulating an opinion which you intend to share with thousands of others, that you can be so uneducated on the subject about which you are writing? 

My original question is an honest one.  If there is someone with a reply, feel free to share.  No, I’m not assuming everyone in every age knew truthfully what was going on around them.  However, those charged with teaching and philosophising historically seemed to have a pretty good idea.  I guess, if we want to consider religious leaders who used unethical BS to convince others to fall in line as such, that could qualify.  Just wondering.

One Response to “Has This Ever Happened?”

  1. hpx83 said

    The fall of the Roman Empire comes to mind. Let’s hope it’s not that bad, because then there may be another dark age coming…

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