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Obama Keeps Making My Point

Posted by jemartynowski on July 24, 2009

I’m back! I’ve been busy and out of town but I’ll be posting again on current events. There’s a ton of stuff, but I wanted to touch on one thing:

Barack Obama is a turd. We knew this already. But then he said this:

“Right now, doctors, a lot of times, are forced to make decisions based on the fee payment schedule that’s out there. So if … your child has a bad sore throat, or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, “You know what? I make a lot more money if I take this kid’s tonsils out.”

Now, that may be the right thing to do. But I’d rather have that doctor making those decisions just based on whether you really need your kid’s tonsils out or whether it might make more sense just to change — maybe they have allergies. Maybe they have something else that would make a difference.”

Now, let’s try to ignore for a moment that he basically just smeared most ear, nose, and throat specialists out there.  Instead let’s focus on that fact that he is making crap up and getting away with it.  How many people right now are going, “Yeah!  Those a-hole doctors are screwing me and my kids!”  First, if doctors on a wide scale, or even a small scale, doing unnecessary procedures, there’s already a law against that.  They would be sued and taken down.  Second, if it was a question of cost, it would usually be cheaper to take the tonsils out than to have a lifetime of allergy treatments, dumbshit. 

OK, that’s enough of that.  The REAL problem here is that some idiot politician will be in the business of making medical decisions under a socialist healthcare plan.  Do you really want a d-bag who couldn’t do anything in the real world so he became a politician making decisions regarding your surgery?  I didn’t think so. 

Hopefully enough people are starting to see this moron and his cronies for exactly what they are:  socialist jerks with a need for power to accomplish their goals.  Eventually, they will control everything we do.  I feel bad for our kids.


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Daily(ish) Ayn Rand Quote

Posted by jemartynowski on March 24, 2009

So long as a concept such as “the public interest” (or the “social” or “national” or “international” interest) is regarded as a valid principle to guide legislation—lobbies and pressure groups will necessarily continue to exist. Since there is no such entity as “the public,” since the public is merely a number of individuals, the idea that “the public interest” supersedes private interests and rights, can have but one meaning: that the interests and rights of some individuals take precedence over the interests and rights of others.

-From Capitalism:  The Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand

Since President Obama wants to push the limits of socialism by expanding his already extreme powers to taking over ANY financial business that might go under or need to declare bankruptcy as essential to the “public good,” I’m friggin outraged.  This is why the public good is not good.  It’s essentially saying that mob rule is good, and individual rights are worthless.  I’d never wish anything physically harmful on another human being, but if this keeps up, I wouldn’t feel bad if he took a football to the groin or something.  With most dudes, I’d laugh but feel bad, but not this asshole.  I’d just laugh.  Damn it.  Mostly, I’m just annoyed by his antics, but this is going too far.  It’s socialist policy.  A power grab.  Nothing more.

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Communism Sucks. So Does Barack Obama

Posted by jemartynowski on October 17, 2008

Communism seriously does suck.  I could get into the specifics, but that would be a book.  I guess if you’re reading this, you already know that.  The main point here is about Barack Obama’s ties to the extreme leftists in our country and others, and his laughing them off.  Sure we all know that Barack Obama isn’t a terrorist and maybe he doesn’t even condone Bill Ayers and his terrorist acts.  The problem here is that every time someone brings up these extreme ties that he has, it gets passed over as “irrelevant” or “vicious lies by the conservatives.”  Right, I get it.  The main stream media wants Obama elected.  But those of us that give a crap about individualism can see otherwise.

The connections to such people and organizations are much more important than getting a BJ from an intern or anything like that.  People are getting carried away by this dumbass and his massive giveaways he keeps promising.  I also see the apathy of people who don’t care about the fact that the only people who have to pay for these giveaways are “the rich.”  Let’s work these relationships and policies all out and see what they look like. 

First, Barack Obama’s campaign keeps trying to play down connections to Frank Marshall Davis, a man with connections to the Communist Party, and to people like Bill Ayers, an unremorseful terrorist.  These were long ago and don’t have anything to do with the things he believes now, right?

Well, I would be willing to say that if Obama himself writes about their influences in his book, he probably considers them very important.  Even though he knows his connections to them are extreme and would be political suicide (he creepily refers only to Frank Marshall Davis as “Frank”) he does so because their ideals are important to him.  So please stop pretending that these extreme relationships mean nothing.  They shaped his belief system and pretending otherwise would be a farce.

So, we know how he learned these awful things and we know they mattered to him.  How does that relate to what he is saying and planning today?  Well, lets get back to “taxing the rich.”  As we all know taxation is just legalized theft.  It’s necessary, to a point, but it is up to us to decide when it becomes criminal.  Well, Obama claims that he is going to do monumental things with this government, such as lowering taxes for the poor (who don’t pay any taxes anyways), setting up a great new health care program, and creating new sources of energy all while creating new jobs.  Despite the fact that we know that many of these things being done by the government is unconstitutional, we’ll allow them to happen in our imagination and see the consequences. 

First, the money to pay for these programs has to come from somewhere.  Well, in order to lower taxes on some, create new government entities to run health care, research new energy, and create new jobs (?) we’ll have to get some more cash from the rich.  Let’s raise those taxes. 

Well, now many of the small business owners, not to mention the giant “greedy” corporations that provide jobs to most of America need to make cutbacks on the number of their employees or even raise their prices on you.  It’s like playing Russian Roulette.  The only way to stop these things from happening is by going all out fascist and forcing companies to lose money.  Awesome.

Alright, if you’re not convinced about where Barack Obama’s support is coming from, here’s Communist Party USA champion Gerald Horne:

(the important stuff is in the last paragraph)

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