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Back Again

Posted by jemartynowski on November 30, 2009

Well, it’s been forever, but I need to make a comeback.   There have been so many things that go against what I believe coming to the forefront of politics and the news recently that it was almost an overload.

Now, it’s time to wise up.   Stop being one of those people who doesn’t think you need to actually use your freaking brain.

I’ve seen a disturbing trend recently when looking for opposing viewpoints to read to edumacate myself:   There is no opposing argument.   No, it’s not that there aren’t any people out there calling capitalism and objectivism stupid.   It’s just that they don’t bother to tell you why.

The opposition to capitalism can be summed up by this exchange:

Collectivist:   Capitalism is obviously stupid.  Whoever still believes in it is a dumb poop-head.
Objectivist:   Why?
Collectivist:   If you don’t already know than you’re obviously too dumb to get it.   Idiot.
Objectivist:   Umm, OK.

I hate collectivism.   But what I hate even more is when someone has an opposing viewpoint but refuses to make an argument for it.  Am I missing something?   If you really believe something, wouldn’t you try to educate someone who doesn’t get it?

Anybody see the same things I’m seeing?  Anything different?   Anything at all?


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Socialist’s View of Capitalism

Posted by jemartynowski on August 25, 2009

I had one of those great discussions yesterday with my fiance where someone asks you a question and your own answer helps clarify philosophies using real world examples.  See, she was talking about an auto dealership she was working with.  This dealership was a very successful GM lot and was one of the best in a very crowded area.  Then, shortly after the auto bailouts and government takeover of GM, they received a letter via UPS :  You have a month (or something like that) to sell all of the new cars on your lot.  If you do not accomplish this, anything left will be taken and given to another (it listed a specific) dealership.

This, to the dealership, was a shock.  They knew there were going to be some lots shut down, but why theirs?  It was one of the best in the area.  My fiance rightly posed the question, “why, no matter how crazy the government is, would they shut down the best dealerships?” 

The answer is two-fold:  first, the rival dealership in the area has very strong political ties to the Democratic party.  They actually wrote letters to local politicians to encourage them to shut down others.  Obviously a terrible thing.  The second is very telling when it comes to the leftist, socialist views now taking hold in our country:  socialists have a very distorted view of capitalism.

The leftists in power nationally, and to a larger degree locally and for a long time here in Cleveland, think that those who are successful in a capitalist society did not earn their success.  They believe the successful are such because they cheated, lied, and stole.  It is not possible that someone not as smart and awesome as themselves could amass any wealth.  It must be ill-gotten.

The reality is pretty far from that.  Ownership of property and self are much better than the alternatives:  ownership by government and the collective.  Socialism is not far from the old styles of government run mostly by dictators and monarchs.  Your self is not yours.  In those forms of government only force dictates who owns what.  Whether it is once person or the collective, they only own things based on the threat of force.  In a capitalist society, only you can own you.  It is the only form of a community that does not require force or the threat of it to determine ownership.

So, that is why socialists decide to shut down successful companies and give to others.  They will give to those who they stand to gain from.  Welcome to the new America.

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Honduras: When Democracy Becomes Tyranny

Posted by jemartynowski on August 3, 2009

I think we can learn a lesson right now from what is going on in Honduras.  Here, in the United States of America, we live by rule of law.  It is how we maintain, sort of, a capitalist society.  People must not be allowed to use force on anybody else.  The laws we have were created to prevent any one person or majority from doing as they pleased to the minority.  Created as it was, the republic was to stop tyranny by majority.  Even James Madison, father of the Constitution, said about democracy “there is nothing to check the inducement to sacrifice the weaker party or the obnoxious individual.”

With the current administration, the government is doing just that.  They believe, and have said so, that since they are the majority, they can do whatever they damn well please.  When questioned about Republican criticism of his plans, President Obama said, basically, we won so shut up. 

What really kills me is that there are many Americans on both sides of the aisle that say, “yep.  He’s right.”  No, he’s not.  He needs to follow the rule of law like anyone else.  He only has certain, enumerated powers according to the Constitution.  Too many of the opposition even thinks that since he won he can do what he pleases.  But that’s not what capitalists are all about. 

How does all of this relate to Honduras?  I’m glad you asked.  To recap, the president of Honduras was trying to change the rules so he could run the country for longer than he was supposed to be allowed.  The country’s constitution was being threatened by one man who was trying to take more power than it was supposed to have.  That sounds familiar. 

Then, the supreme court of Honduras issued a court order to have President Zelaya detained and removed from office, as they are constitutionally obliged to do.  The military carried out this order with no violence involved.  It was exactly as a civilized society should do.  But the socialist leaders of the world, including Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama, claimed that something was terribly wrong even though nothing, really, was. 

“Oh my goodness!  This man was elected by the people!  His will should be done no matter what!” they say.  Not true.  He, like our own president, has no right to expand his power unconstitutionally.  There is no reason a free nation should be backing away from the situation and even, as many have, support the ousted ruler.  In fact, we should be supporting the courts and the laws that helped create a free nation there. 

Obviously, there are some pitfalls that must be avoided.  If our executive branch was strong, yet compassionate to the free people of Honduras, it would support the non-violent move while issuing warnings that they would only be supported if they continued to do things the peaceful way, the interim president steps down as he says and new elections are held.  Everything can be done peacefully and correctly.  The socialist leaders of the world support Zelaya because many of them took their power by doing the exact same things.  They eliminated term limits.  They then give things away and let the majority rule and take what they want from the minority.

What lessons should we learn?  We should learn that massive expansion of powers to one branch of our government is a bad thing.  It is supported by bad people because that’s how bad people become tyrants.  We want to avoid mob rule disguised as social justice.  No, I don’t support a military coup or anything like that.  I just support the American citizens becoming wise and not being dumb enough to support those who want to take freedoms from us.  We are by no means at the same scary point as Honduras, but we want to stop ourselves before we get there.

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Has This Ever Happened?

Posted by jemartynowski on June 15, 2009

Question:  has there ever been a period in history like this one?  I’m talking about the fact that many, if not most, of the people who are supposed to be experts on society and the political and economic systems of the time seem to have absolutely no concept of how these systems work.  As pointed out by Capitalism Magazine, it seems journalists who write opinions on world politics and economics are even confused.  How can it be, if you are formulating an opinion which you intend to share with thousands of others, that you can be so uneducated on the subject about which you are writing? 

My original question is an honest one.  If there is someone with a reply, feel free to share.  No, I’m not assuming everyone in every age knew truthfully what was going on around them.  However, those charged with teaching and philosophising historically seemed to have a pretty good idea.  I guess, if we want to consider religious leaders who used unethical BS to convince others to fall in line as such, that could qualify.  Just wondering.

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Some Good Stuff

Posted by jemartynowski on June 2, 2009

I had mentioned before about IMAO posting some awesome capitalist propaganda, but this one was so good that I’m still turned on.  I haven’t read the book The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, but I certainly want to do so now.

A great example of a hired man in a hat (from the video) taking stuff from us is going on right now.  As of yesterday, we, the taxpayer, are 60% owners of General Motors.  Why are we buying this company?  Because they are crappy, miserable, and run like a bunch of drunken monkeys are in charge.  That’s no reason for charity.  By the way, that’s all this is.  It’s welfare, but on a much larger scale.  Rather than a person who screwed up a small business or can’t hold a job, it’s a gigantic company who, despite millions of dollars into R & D, couldn’t determine their ass from a hole in the ground. 

Don’t trash us capitalists for knocking charity, though.  Giving to those in need is fine if it is to someone or some organization that is actually trying to do better.  Just don’t force us to do it using personal guilt via the government.  This quote from Ayn Rand’s The Objectivist says it best:

The fact that a man has no claim on others (i.e., that it is not their moral duty to help him and that he cannot demand their help as his right) does not preclude or prohibit good will among men and does not make it immoral to offer or to accept voluntary, non-sacrificial assistance.

It is altruism that has corrupted and perverted human benevolence by regarding the giver as an object of immolation, and the receiver as a helplessly miserable object of pity who holds a mortgage on the lives of others—a doctrine which is extremely offensive to both parties, leaving men no choice but the roles of sacrificial victim or moral cannibal . . . .

Which brings us back to the video.  People force you to give up freedoms in the name of many good things.  That doesn’t make it right.

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“Progressives” in a Nutshell

Posted by jemartynowski on May 21, 2009

One of my favorite reads, IMAO, threw out this statement in a random thoughts post:

There is never going to be respect for the Muslim world when they’re the children we can’t upset and we’re the adults expected to know better. Why can’t Muslims in the Middle East ever be like, “Don’t worry, that’s just those silly Christians. They don’t know any better.”?

The reason I bring this up is that it completely encompasses the liberal thinking in our nation today.  When someone treats a black man like crap for doing something stupid, he’s racist.  Really, though, he’s just being treated like an individual who did something stupid.  It’s like someone is saying, “hey, they’re black.  They don’t know any better.”

It’s not just with black and white people.  It’s everything else.  “They’re treating Hillary like crap.  It must be because they hate powerful women.”  Or they just think she’s being an idiot.  Isn’t treating someone with kid gloves and patronizing them basically saying they are not worth as much as a white male?  It’s awful. 

Perhaps worse than an annoying liberal saying these things is when someone does it to their own kind.  Jesse Jackson leads the league in this.  He acts as if black people need hand-holding, free handouts, and a leader.  I would argue to Jesse that I, unlike him, think that black people are just as capable and just as smart as anyone else, so they shouldn’t get any special treatment.  Who’s the racist person here?

All I’m saying is that in a free, capitalist society, there is no room for racism.  It’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense.  Differentiating between people based on the color of their skin would harm you or your business.  If you passed up on the best workers because of something so trivial, you’d be out of business or have crappy relationships for the rest of your life.

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