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Back Again

Posted by jemartynowski on November 30, 2009

Well, it’s been forever, but I need to make a comeback.   There have been so many things that go against what I believe coming to the forefront of politics and the news recently that it was almost an overload.

Now, it’s time to wise up.   Stop being one of those people who doesn’t think you need to actually use your freaking brain.

I’ve seen a disturbing trend recently when looking for opposing viewpoints to read to edumacate myself:   There is no opposing argument.   No, it’s not that there aren’t any people out there calling capitalism and objectivism stupid.   It’s just that they don’t bother to tell you why.

The opposition to capitalism can be summed up by this exchange:

Collectivist:   Capitalism is obviously stupid.  Whoever still believes in it is a dumb poop-head.
Objectivist:   Why?
Collectivist:   If you don’t already know than you’re obviously too dumb to get it.   Idiot.
Objectivist:   Umm, OK.

I hate collectivism.   But what I hate even more is when someone has an opposing viewpoint but refuses to make an argument for it.  Am I missing something?   If you really believe something, wouldn’t you try to educate someone who doesn’t get it?

Anybody see the same things I’m seeing?  Anything different?   Anything at all?


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