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Bribery in the State Department

Posted by jemartynowski on August 27, 2009

This is just ridiculous.  I can’t believe we allow this crap to go on in United States government.  OK, I can.  But still, that doesn’t change its status as “amazingly awful.”

Yesterday, my fiance and I were applying for passports.  We need them quickly because, of course, we waited too long to get them.  They already cost $75.00 for the State Department’s processing and the Post Office charges $25.00 for their processing fee.  OK, I guess I can understand, kind of.  But since we’re in a hurry, we’re pretty much screwed, right?

Nope.  We were informed that for an additional $60.00, we can get a bright orange sticker that says “expedite” on it attached to our applications.  This means that the processing people will process them before the others.  Isn’t this essentially a bribe?  Wouldn’t this be something we’d complain about if we saw it in some third world country?  There is no additional costs to the State Dept. to accomplish this, justifying the $60.00.  They simply see the sticker and move it to the front of the line.  It is nothing more than greasing the palms of the government in order to get something done faster.  Holy crap.

Am I missing something?  Can someone explain to me how it is not a bribe?  I mean besides the fact that they don’t call it a bribe.


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